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Milford CT a Little City With A Big Heart

If you missed the last one on 2013, you're in luck:

The next MHS All-Class Reunion is June 30, 2018!

More details to come soon!

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ATTENTION CLASS REPS: Send Updated Class Lists

Please continue to send Marty Merk your updated class lists, especially for those classes who have had reunions since 2013 and have updated classmate information. Please email your updated whole class lists to Marty at:

Marty also reminds everyone that this MHS All-Class web site is also keeping track of deceased class members. "Many thanks to Barbara Bourdeau, Ken Hawkins and Don Kosa for always keeping me updated when they hear anything," Marty said. Anyone with information on newly deceased MHS alum can also email that information to Marty at her email address:





















'Yellow Building' is now River Park Apartments

Once known as the Diane Toulson building, and still called by some the "Yellow Building," the grand old lady underwent a $2.1 million HUD sponsored renovation in the early 1990s. The former Milford High School building, first opened in 1908, re-opened in 1992 as the 39-unit River Park Apartments for seniors and adults with disabilities. Among the Milford High graduates currently serving on the River Park board of directors are Marion Mark Ahrens, Barbara Gaunya Bourdeau, Chris Carveth, Sue Quigley Johnson and Chris Carroll. 

MHS grads and friends who wish to take a tour can email Carroll at: 

At the last two All-Class Reunions, the Yellow Building was open for MHS alumni to visit and meet some residents, several of whom opened their apartments to visitors.

Do you remember what classes you had in the Yellow Building?


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Should Milford High alumni change Indian mascot?

With the Washington Redskins name recently under a hot national spotlight, sports teams with Native American names in general are coming under more scrutiny than ever, which brings up the question:

Should Milford High replace its Indian mascot?

Those in favor of keeping the mascot name and symbol will say that the "Milford Indian" name reflects the early history of our city when 375 years ago the chief of the Paugussett Indian tribe, Ansantawae, granted a piece of land along the Wepawaug River to the first English settlers in 1639. 

Those in favor of changing the name point to movements across the country for sports ownership to change the names of such teams as the Cleveland Indians (baseball), Atlanta Braves (baseball), Kansas City Chiefs (football) and Chicago Blackhawks (hockey), saying that such "stereotypes" are both insulting and inaccurate. Years after these controversies simmered, all of the above names remain intact.


From Wikipedia:

The propriety of using Native American names and images in sports has been a topic of public controversy in the United States and Canada since the 1960s. Numerous civil rights, religious, educational, athletic, and academic organizations consider the use of native names or symbols by non-native teams to be a harmful form of ethnic stereotyping which should be eliminated;[1] however surveys of public opinion indicate that the majority of people in the United States support retaining the names and images in current use.


What do you think?

 Send your comments to:

... and see them reprinted here.

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Classmate sees both sides; issue may be akin to confederate flag 

"I see both sides of the issue. I was happy to see the confederate flag come down though, so perhaps we can change, too."

-- Sandra Hardy Pappas, Class of 1964 (Submitted in November 2016)

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Alum says students were rightfully 'proud' to be 'Indians'

"Milford High School closed in 1983 and there have been no MHS teams in existence since then!  MHS grads have no jurisdiction regarding today’s existing Milford Indians hockey team made up of Jonathan Law and Foran high students. Those of us who attended Milford High School were proud to be Indians - a proud people who succumbed to the white man's greed and disease. Genetically, I and others are proud of their Native American heritage; we feel fortunate to have grown up in the “Little City (Town) With A Big Heart” and never considered being a Milford Indian as an insult to us or to the original settlers of this revered seaside community."

-- Barbara Bourdeau, MHS '55 (Submitted in September 2015)

I bet many alum agree with you Barbara. And thank you for all your work on the All-Class Committee.

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Don't Change - Mascot is Part of Our Heritage

"No, the mascot should not be changed. It is part of the history of MHS and changing it for politically correct reasons would be wrong as it was never intended as an insult, but as an honor and still would be considered an honor today. You can’t erase the truth, it is what it is. I am proud we thought of our past in creating our mascot. It was all Indian land and heritage before we ever arrived. Keep the truth alive."

Thank you, Fran LaKernick, MHS ‘66 (Submitted Summer 2015)

Thank you, Fran. Good points!


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Help sought in restoring old CGS murals

"Oh CGS by the Wepawaug, with your colors, white, gold and blue ...
  we'll remember 'til we're very old, these years we spent with you ..."

(September 2014) -- Once standing proudly to the immediate right of the Y"ellow Building," pictured above --> the CGS building fell to the wrecking ball in the 1980s.  

But now an important part of the CGS legacy is being saved.

Carrie Bryant is co-chair of the Adopt a Mural fundraising committee, part of the Milford Arts Council.


Carrie writes to the Milford High School All Class Reunion Committee recently:
I am a member of the Adopt A Mural Committee (a sub committee of the Milford Arts Council). We are currently fundraising and trying to restore a WPA mural that hung in the old Central Grammar School on West River Street.  We feel that this would be of interest to the MHS alumni as many of them attended this school.  
For anyone wishing more information on how they can help by donating, please contact me, see below.
On behalf of the Adopt A Mural Committee, I greatly appreciate your assistance!
Carrie Bryant
Adopt A Mural
Co-Chair, Fundraising
Milford Arts Council
40 Railroad Avenue
Milford, CT  06460







While MHS class of 1933 was planning its 50th reunion, Committee Chairman Jim Rose learned of the city's plan to close Milford High School due to declining enrollment.  At Jim's suggestion, the committee decided to make their celebration a reunion to be enjoyed by all previous MHS graduates.  Invitations were sent to more than 10,000 people.

When the June 1983 ALL CLASS REUNION proved to be a social and financial success, its committee was faced with the dilemma of an overwhelming amount of net proceeds. After careful consideration, these funds became seed money for establishment of a Milford High School Memorial Scholarship.


Geneva Pike Anderson Cole "30", Paul Austin "53", Angeline Arciulo West "39", Antoinette Arciulo Mattioli "37", Joseph Dudding '57", George Field "34", Miriam Baltim Novenstein "47", Win Smith "54", Judy Baltim Rosa "61", Frank Matthews "61", and Jim Rose "33" served on the original Scholarship Committee.

In 1989 original SCHOLARSHIP GUIDELINES  were amended and a MHS MUSEUM COMMITTEE was created.  Members of the Scholarship Committee periodically elect new members to fill vacancies and all current members continue to also serve on the Museum Committee.  It purchased and installed trophy cases at the Parsons Complex thereby establishing a fitting home for MHS MEMORABILIA in the hallway at inside gym entrance. MHS "53" donated a plaque to commemorate scholarship recipients, with names of the winners are inscribed each year. This plaque is permanently displayed in the MHS Museum.

In 1997 a vote of the sitting committee resulted in changing the name of the fund to THE JIM ROSE MHS SCHOLARSHIP AWARD.

In 2005 a guideline revision was made to waive a provision that a scholarship recipient have a relative who graduated from Milford High School. This became necessary as a result of a dwindling number of otherwise eligible students who could not meet such a requirement.

Since the initial ALL CLASS REUNION in 1983, subsequent reunions have been held in 1993 (Chair Jim Rose "33"),  2003 (Chair Bob Gregory "55"),  and 2008 (Chair Bob Gregory "55").  These social and financial successes have continued to embellish fund receipts.  However, we are faced with the fact that the  number of MHS grads is dwindling and we look for ideas to perpetuate the spirit of MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL that will  guarantee continuation of the JIM ROSE MHS SCHOLARSHIP AWARD.


Below is pictured Jim Rose "Class of 33" as King of the 2008 MHS ALL CLASS REUNION


Carolyn Fenn "24"  as Queen of the 2003 MHS ALL CLASS REUNION






     1984  Holly Moldenhauer (MHS)         Kellie Harcherik (MHS)

     1985  Debbie Dayo (JFHS)                   Ross Levi (JLHS)

     1986  Daniel Yerxa (JFHS)                   Karen Mason (JLHS)

     1987  Kathleen Casey (JFHS)              Kevin Phillips (JLHS)

     1988  Betty Bain (JFHS)                       Jane Cronin (JLHS)

     1989  John Pasquerello (JFHS)           Janis Symanski (JLHS)

     1990  Marie Lockwood (JFHS)             David  Marcovics (JLHS)

     1991  Jennifer Rizzo (JFHS)                 Robert Richards (JLHS)

     1992  Carl Ganza (JFHS)                       Mark Ponarski (JLHS)

     1993  Allison Lee Novres (JF                James A. Le Clair (JLHS)

     1994  Joshua Clark (JFHS                      Kery Rainey (JLHS)

     1995  NO AWARDS GIVEN   (decreased investment earnings)

    1996  Carl Sciortino (JFHS)                   Amanda Shinn (JLHS)

     1997  Timothy Enright (JFHS)              Jenniver Cornwall  (JLHS)

     1998  Jennifer Bottacari (JFHS)           Christina Raineey (JLHS)

     1999  Aedan Weinstein (JFHS)             Elizabeth Kohler (JLHS)

     2000  Casandra Dunn (JFHS)                Kelly Ryan (JLHS)

     2001  Chris Morse (JFHS)                      Erin Reilly (JLHS)

     2002  Joan Fedor (JFHS)                       Jennifer O'NeillJLHS)

     2003  Katherine Oakes (JFHS)             Crystal Lee Rose (JLHS)

     2004  Amanda Pina (JFHS)                   Emily Sopchak (JLHS)

     2005  Stacy Kohan (JFHS)                     Breanna Hart (JLHS)

     2006  Dana Bogan  (JFHS)                    Caroline Hart (JLHS)

     2007  Joe Marie Kasenek (JFHS)          Keith Dessureau (JLHS)

     2008  Kinal Patel (JFHS)                        Evan Hart (JLHS)

     2009  Brianna Wilcox (JFHS)                 Sophgap Nok (JLHS)

                                                                                                                                                                     Katelyn Hope (JLHS)

    2010  Agata Wozniak (JFHS)                Samantha Edwards                                                                                              (JLHS)

    2011  Trevor DeEll (JFHS)                     Rebecca Giden (JLHS)

    2012  Hannah Denicki (JFHS)               Alevis Christy (JLHS)

    2013  Christa Pala (JFHS)                     Elizabeth  Voytershara                                                                                          (JLHS)

    2014  Sarah Dunn (JFHS)                       Emily Romero (JLHS)

     2015  Richard Kratzer (JFHS)                 Angelila Loma (JLHS)

              Patrick Fitzgerald (JFHS)

     2016  Brianna Dudding (JFHS)                Julia Ftretter (JLHS)

              Samantha Enders (JFHS)               Adam Ftrerrer (JLHS)